Summer submits as Autumn advances

Blackberries, Elderberries, Haws and Sloes,Cob-nuts, Crab-apples, Rose Hips.Towpath sentinels, Oak, Ash and Alder,Watch Willow wet her finger tips. Stubbly remains of the golden grain,Dark, glistening soil turned for sowing.Sheep and cattle continue to grazeThough the grass will soon tire of growing. Broadsword Waterdock, Yellow Flag Iris,Reed Sweetgrass, Bulrush and Sedge,Meadowsweet, Loosestrife, Willowherb trembleAnd dance at …

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More time passes and I finally create another blog post. The last part of August was spent visiting Mum in hospital. She had thought she was being admitted because of an uncomfortably irregular heartbeat and a deterioration in her diabetic condition. However, it was discovered that she had pancreatic cancer. Often referred to as the …

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Hard Graft

Mossdale, the last remaining all-wooden ‘Mersey flat’, has been preserved and is now on display at the National Waterways Museum. From the mid-18th century right up to the 1970s the canal system provided a convenient, country-wide freight route. Its heyday can be firmly placed during the early 19th century as it met the burgeoning transport …

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